is a collaborative process. Mutual trust between patient and therapist foster's a relationship of self-acceptance, discovery of what you most long for and the fear that's in the way. You know you are ready to begin therapy when you're no longer satisfied with the way your life happens to you, and want to connect to a fuller expression of who you are and increase your sense of personal choice.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and other forms of therapy can be used to treat people with a wide range of mental health problems.
The principle behind CBT is that thoughts affect a person's emotions and behaviours. When a person suffers with psychological distress, the way in which they interpret situations becomes skewed, which in turn has a negative impact on the actions they take.
CBT aims to help people become aware of when they make negative interpretations, and of behavioural patterns which reinforce the distorted thinking, CBT helps people to develop alternative ways of thinking and behaving which reduce the psychological distress.
If you would like to come and talk things over you are welcome in the first instance to e-mail or call me and we can answer any questions you may have.